How to Choose the Right Music

So what’s the right music for your project? That’s a good question, and invariably the answer usually begins with ‘Erm… Don't worry though, we do have the answer 😉

Episode Summary

Believe it or not this is the no.1 question that creatives at Ad agencies ask themselves on a daily basis and like the rest of us, to begin with at least, they don’t have much of a clue either. 

That’s because choosing the right music takes mental labour, consideration and time, which as content creators and business owners is always in short supply. 

But it really matters; because the wrong music can hurt any promotion or campaign,

In today’s episode we’ve got four simple steps that make it easier than ever to choose the right kind of music for any content you create.


"Most of us who are creating content like to be involved in how the brand or business looks, feels and sounds... this is where music is your friend... The result is that each piece of content you create becomes memorable and entertaining. And it’s fun to do."

Topics Discussed

Here are some of the topics we covered in this episode. Be sure to listen to the end and don’t forget to pick up your free companion guide.

How musical choice affects your bottom line.

Why we’re all hardwired to know what music works and what doesn’t.

Which parts of the brain matter when it comes to music and marketing

The Ad men’s secret to creating successful marketing campaigns with music

How to match music to the emotions in your content.

The four step process to choosing the right kind of music, every time for any type of content.

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