What is Royalty Free Music and Why is it Good for Business?

Royalty Free Music, so what’s in a name...well in this case a whole bunch of confusion it would seem. So in this episode we’re going to clear up exactly what Royalty Free Music is, what it isn’t, and why it’s a great option if you’re creating any type of content online; and a great opportunity if you run any type of business…

Episode Summary

This episode is a follow up to the last one ‘A mercifully brief history of Music Licensing’, and If you haven’t listened to that yet, it might be worth it, because it’s a primer for what we’re going to cover in this episode and will help put things in context. 

But if you’re good to go then let’s dig in..


"Now like anything else, there are variations on a theme and hybrid models, and royalty free music has developed, splintered and merged into several variations of business models, just to make things more interesting."

Topics Discussed

Here are some of the topics we covered in this episode. Be sure to listen to the end and don’t forget to pick up your free companion guide.

What the ‘Free’ part of royalty free music actually means

Why royalty free music is good news for content creators and small businesses.

How the little guy can now compete with the deep pockets of big TV broadcasters and producers

Why royalty free music is not creative commons music

Why royalty free music is not copyright free

Why Royalty free music is not entirely royalty free ???


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