Welcome to the Initial Episode of the Sonic Cuts Podcast

In this first ever episode of the Sonic Cuts podcast TV composer and music producer Stephen tells why he’s starting a podcast and reveals how as creative entrepreneurs it’s easier than ever before to tell our story to the world.

Episode Summary

Music, video and audio have been the main drivers for online creativity and things don’t look set to change anytime soon. In fact nowadays these tools are more important than ever. When they effortlessly work together, they not only allow us as creators to deliver our message with laser like precision, but also to compete with big name brands like never before.

Big changes are afoot that are going to give all online creators an edge, and herald a whole new era in content marketing and branding. This episode tells my own personal journey and sets the scene for the exciting times to come.


"there's another substrata of people who want to dive further into music strategy and get their content looking and sounding great, because if you do it right with the right music in the right place that fires the emotional triggers of your audience...then that's going to give you real authority in the marketplace"

Topics Discussed

Here are some of the topics we covered in this episode. Be sure to listen to the end and don’t forget to pick up your free companion guide.

How the Sonic Cuts podcast came to be (and why it’s for real heroes).

How Stephen got his lucky break in the music industry

Why a move into composing for TV and Ads, laid the foundation for Sonic Cuts.

Big whopping mistakes that were made; including how a laptop eventually replaced a £250K J-Series SSL mixing desk .

How using a music strategy gives online content creators an unfair advantage over those that don’t.

What’s coming up in future episodes.


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