Welcome to Sonic Cuts. We’re so glad you’re here!

Sonic Cuts is for all creators, and has just one goal – to get you noticed. Whether you’re an influencer, entrepreneur, brand or business, here you’ll find trusted (often under the radar) music, audio and video strategies designed to give you an edge. We’re committed to getting your story heard.

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Sonic Cuts Founder

Hi, Stephen Gibson here. I’m a trained musician and composer, self taught music producer and right now, a proud online creator.

I live in Bedfordshire in the UK with my family.

I studied trumpet at the London College of Music and graduated in 1990. I played trumpet professionally for about 5 years as a session musician and live touring.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to record with some of the music heroes from my youth, and I’ve had lots of different roles in the music industry, including various publishing and recording deals, where I worked with most of the main record labels in the UK, from Stanley House Recording studios in London.

It was here that I also cut my teeth as a music producer and composer for TV and Ads I had a great time in London but traded it in for a more serene way of life when my son was born. I now work from home in my home studio and I’m a committed and enthusiastic podcaster and online creator.

Read on for all the brass tacks on how Sonic Cuts came to be.


The Sonic Cuts Journey

If you know anything about the music industry, you’ll know in recent years (the last 20 or so) it’s gone through some changes – to put it mildly.

For most of us what always felt like a solid dependable business model and ecosystem, seemed to just disintegrate before our very eyes, almost overnight.

Many reluctant musicians (myself included) were plunged into the choppy waters of online marketing, and left with looming questions over the future role of music, and our future selves, in this new and uncertain online world.

Sonic Cuts is the story of this journey and the emergence of the new, bright, and fast growing creator community; and the incredible opportunities that are now available to us all..

Listen to Podcast Episode 001 for the whole story.

The Sonic Cuts Mission

The shorter version is that I was able to take what I’d learned in my offline career as a composer and producer for TV and Ads, and make it work online too.

The core of Sonic Cuts is the podcast and through our guests and their stories we aim to uncover and bring to light what’s happening NOW with creators, against the backdrop of music, audio and video.

We want to introduce and immerse you in this world so you always know the purpose of music and let it guide your intention and shape your content.

If there’s one big take away it’s that there’s always an agenda behind any music you hear, nothing ever happens by accident particularly when it comes to marketing.

What to expect

First up Sonic Cuts is for all CREATORS, you do not need to be a musician or play an instrument to do this stuff. You do not need a huge vinyl collection or a ton of Spotify playlists. All you need is a pair of ears, because everything you need to participate is already hardwired into your brain and your experience as a human being.


You DON’T need to be able to sing or hold a tune. Perhaps you may think you’re tone deaf, (which is highly unlikely), but in any case it wouldn’t matter, because it has nothing to do with the skill set that you will learn.


That feeling of overwhelm you get when you start a project looking at the endless array of audio on your hard drive or scouring the web, is only natural. But you’re going to learn to navigate your way through it and get comfortable utilizing the right music every time, quickly and easily for any type of content you produce.


Lastly, this stuff is actually FUN. You’re going to enjoy the process and feel a growing confidence with your ability to strategically use music to influence your audience in the right way.


I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and I’m excited to continue this journey with big hearted creators just like you.

Here’s to your success!

Stephen Gibson